Morgan + Adam


What better way to spend a Saturday than with a beautiful couple in love ❤️

I must admit that I make some amazing connections with my Clients! I’ve known Morgan and Adam now for over a year. They first came to me as a referral for photographing their newborn son. It was an instant friendship! We’ve remained in touch and in one another’s lives.




Even though I already had a personal relationship with Morgan and Adam, I’ll be completely honest and say that this session was anything but a piece of cake!!! After planning out our locations in advance, it all back fired on me in a way I’d never imagined! We arrived at our first location which was completely unusable as it was being used for a city-wide event. So, naturally, thinking on the fly I chose another beautiful location. Once we arrive to our now second setting, we see Prom couples EVERYWHERE! Not to mention the only place these Prom goers were not seen on the property, the staff was setting up for a wedding….












As a wedding photographer myself, I would NEVER interfere or intrude on someone’s special day. So, we were on to the next location (AGAIN, unplanned). So we moved on down the road and passed a beautiful plantation styled house which is in affiliation with Auburn University and thought, “OH YEAH”!!! Much to my surprise, I was able to find some beautiful light.




After a quick wardrobe change, we moved on to our final (PLANNED) location. However, with all the unscheduled stops and having to find new locations and scouting each one for good light, we had to rush to this beautiful bridge 15 minutes away! I was so nervous that we wouldn’t make it!! And yet, we arrived just as the sun was touching the surrounding trees which gave us the most beautiful ending to a stressful & crazy evening.




I’m blessed that this session was able to happen and to gift this beautiful couple with some lasting memories! Never let what wasn’t planned turn your day into anything less than the AMAZING experience it has the potential to be. Thank you Morgan & Adam for entrusting and laughing throughout all the madness with me!!!!







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